An entrepreneurship

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You have compiled a story of your entrepreneurial journey as a college student. Reflect on how you are remembering these experiences. How have you framed the story. Use the following prompts to distill your story into a compelling website.

1. Who are you telling the story to? Potential clients, future employers, friends and family?

2. What is the key take away from your story? Do you have a “punch line” or are you telling a chronological story?

3. What value can you claim you have created? Go beyond what you’ve learned and value you’ve created for yourself. What have you put out into the world?

Decide what key points, summary statements, infographics, illustrations you will take from your storytelling and storyboard exercises and bring to a digital portfolio/website.

Submit a document with proposed website content.

Note: I have attached my storytelling which this assignment is based on it. Make sure to follow the instruction and not write about general stuff about business and just focus on the given instruction.