American History second

I don’t know how to handle this History question and need guidance.

The essay should be detailed and have more than 5 paragraph with organized introduction and a conclusion that summarize the whole essay and also MLA style format for each source. should stick to the period of the question and expand on it only.

a detailed information for the essay criteria will be specified

1-How did consumer culture and new forms of popular entertainment challenge traditional ideas about morality and gender roles during the 1920s? ( what happened in 1920 is the lay foundation of what happened in 1930 and 40s )

2-Herbert and Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt were the two depression era presidents. Their views regarding government intervention in the economy were different but Roosevelt’s ideas will revolutionize the Federal Government. Throughout his presidency, Franklin Roosevelt was described by his detractors as a radical-to some a fascistic dictator, to others a Communist bent on destroying the free market. Yet most of the American people reelected him three times. Evaluate Roosevelt’s presidency and its impact on the nation. ( for Roosevelt period you should also talk how some of his programs like solar conservation and TV ad effected for excample people of color)