American Financial Corporation Southwest Engineering Services

This essay entails a paper on the American Financial Corporation of the Southwest Engineering Services. American Financial Corporation helps in management of the different American companies to ensure that they are succesiful or tey make it in the market.

American Financial Corporation Southwest Engineering Services

Firstly, Dan Dalton was the marketing vice president (VP) for Cromwell Electronics. Ten months earlier he had appointed Ed Corelli as the manager of a newly formed marketing unit for the eastern region. The unit was responsible for developing marketing presentations, advertising campaigns, and promotions for the sale of Cromwell products in the eastern region. The unit had six marketing specialists. The two are long-time employees, and the other four  newly hired. Ed was promoted to the position based on a good reputation as a marketing specialist.

Secondly, even though the market unit was new, Dan expects its performance to be better by now. The market unit for the western region was forms at the same time, and it had higher performance. Dan reflected on the comments made by two of Ed’s subordinates when asked how they liked working for him.
What theories from this chapter are relevant for analyzing the case? Evaluate Ed’s behavior as a manager, and identify effective and ineffective actions. What should Dan say or do now?
American Financial Corporation

What should Don have done to be more effective?

Southwest Engineering Services

Thirdly, describe the leadership behaviors Ron used and their influence on the attitudes and behavior of the team members.
Compare this cross-functional project team to a self-managed operations team by identifying similarities and differences in the leadership roles.
Lastly, use attribution theory to explain how leaders interpret the reasons for poor performance by subordinates. Describe how the following attributes are used to manage impressions: