Africana Diasporic communities Culture identity commonalities

This essay entails a research paper on the Africana Diasporic communities and the difference they  have in Culture identity commonalities. Africana Diasporic communities explains the relationship between the different communities wih the same background and ethnicity.

Africana Diasporic communities Culture identity commonalities

Firstly, define Africana Culture and identify commonalities that bind Africana Diasporic communities. Readings 1. Furusa, M. (2006).

Furthermore, African Writers and the Art of Remembering Dismembered African communities in The Borders in All of Us: New I just need 5 lines to this reading.

Consecutively,  the next section. Institution of Slavery and the Resilience of African Culture Lectures will examine the institution of Slavery in the United States.

Moreover, course discussion will analyze the role slavery played in shaping the current racial, economic and social reality for people of African descent. Readings 3. Tillotson, M. (2011). The Misdirection of the Contemporary Black Church in Invisible Jim Crow: Contemporary Ideological Threats to the Internal Security of African Americans. Trenton , NJ: Africa World Press. 4. Williams, E. (1944).

Secondly, the Origin of Negro Slavery in Capitalism and Slavery. Chapel Hill, NC. The University of North Carolina Press. 3. Conrad – African Americans in the US Economy.

Also, The Critical Role of African Americans in the Development of the Pre-Civil War U.S.

Thirdly, introduce the topic 2. Identify the main points of the article. Develop your Thesis/Focus or Central Argument (Last sentence in the first paragraph) o Body Paragraphs.

However, Introduce major claims that support your thesis or central argument. Provide examples/illustrations that support your claim.

Lastly, discuss implications of your claim Conclusion. Summarize your major claims. Draw your final Conclusions o Review. Review your paper and verify that your central analysis answers the following question.

In conclusion, remember to proofread.

Finally, remember to properly cite all quotes and sources (MLA, APA, etc.) never forget your works cited page.