Affirmative Action in Human Resources

 Description One of the most controversial issues in the field of employment law today is that affirmative action, and whether or not such policies for hiring are morally defensible. Affirmative action also happens to be an important topic in colleges and universities, where its use in admissions decisions is hotly contested. In fact, the Trump administration recently declared its intentions to legally challenge the use of affirmative action in post-secondary admissions settings. Suppose you work for a major hotel chain in a human resources leadership capacity. One day, your boss asks you to draft a memo for the company’s leadership team regarding the propriety of affirmative action in hiring. The company is concerned that its employee base isn’t diverse enough, and that they risk scrutiny and perhaps even disparate impact discrimination penalties if their workforce demographics were to ever be audited by the government. Take a stance on the issue of affirmative action, and articulate your opinion to your company’s leaders in a professional memo. Although you will be defending one side of this issue (either for or against), be sure to analyze and discuss BOTH sides. Your submission should include, but is not limited to, thoughts on the following questions: 1. What are the arguments in favor of each side? 2. What are the arguments against each side? 3. What relevant case law exists on the subject of affirmative action? Which side does it favor? 4. What is the EEOC’s current position on voluntary workplace affirmative action policies? 5. What other companies in the industry have adopted affirmative action policies? To which minorities do they give preference? 6. What potential consequences would there be if your company’s leaders follow your advice? 7. What potential consequences would there be if your company’s leaders ignore your advice? Remember that this project is a legal analysis of facts and circumstances, not an editorial piece. In the law, you don’t get to say something ought to be a certain way because “that’s the way I feel”. You must defend your position with sound, rational reasoning. As such, research is an integral part of this project. Your memo should include a minimum of 5 external sources, and they must be cited properly in APA format.