Ad Analysis

Choose an advertisement, either on television, on the radio, on the internet, or in print.

Describe and analyze the advertisement by answering the following items:

  • Where did you find the ad?
  • Briefly describe the scenario depicted in the ad.
  • What product is being advertised?
  • Identify the main claim in that advertisement.
  • Is the claim credible? Why or why not?
  • What might make the claim more credible? What might make it less credible?


ad analysis

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Ad Analysis

(100 points)

For this assignment, you must write a well-structured and organized college level critical analysis of an advertisement (in any medium) of your choosing. The essay should focus on the rhetorical techniques employed by the advertisement and provide an analysis of its effectiveness. A successful essay will consider important factors such as target audience, cultural context and use of imagery, utilizing evidence to back up claims. Your ultimate goal should be to identify the deeper intention of the advertisement, beyond the obvious objective of selling a product or service.

The first draft will not be graded, but will be subject to feedback during a peer review session prior to the due date of the final draft. You must then make whatever revisions are necessary and turn in a final draft, for a grade, by the due date indicated on the syllabus.

You must provide a copy of the target advertisement (or, failing that, an electronic link to it), but no other outside sources are required for this essay. Students wishing to employ research are welcome to do so, but all such sources must be properly cited according to MLA format, and all electronic sources must be approved by the instructor prior to use. Failure to comply with either policy will result in a zero for the assignment.

This assignment will be graded according to a number of factors, the most important being the strength and effectiveness of the analysis. Additionally, structural organization, the strength of the thesis statement, grammar and word usage, the proper use of MLA format (where applicable) and adherence to all conventions that have been discussed in class will be considered.