accounting 2 – Corporations

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Fark Tart Limited was a corporation that made hair growth stimulants. The company had 425,000 shares of common stock authorized; 350,000 shares issued; 75,000 shares unissued; 250,000 shares outstanding; and 100,000 shares of Treasury Stock. Par value was $10 per share. In the month of February 2020, the company had the following transactions regarding their stock:

February 1: Cash dividends of $.50 per share were declared.

February 5: A 10% stock dividend was declared. Fair market price of the stock was $15 per share.

February 10: Recipients of the cash dividends and stock dividends were determined.

February 15: Cash dividends were paid.

February 20: The stock dividend was given out.

December 31: All accounts were closed out (year-end).

Required: Record the transactions listed above.