Academic paper review arising methodological issues identification

This essay entails a paper on the Academic paper review which includes the analysis on the arising methodological issues identification. Academic paper review gives a good view of whhat a student or a writer has had and helps us to get all the information from it.

Academic paper review arising methodological issues identification

Firstly, the writer needs to write 2 paper explain below.  Literature Review For this assignment, you are required to read and critically review a selection of academic literature on the business topic you plan to research in the next module. The aim is to develop a research question that can be addressed in Research Paper 2 with a research design based on an earlier study identified in this review. There are two elements to this submission

secondly, the literature review (3,000 words). Identification of the methodological issues arising from the literature review (500 words) Academic literature consists mainly of refereed journal articles. Your review should cover at least fifteen of these articles, most of which should be empirical studies. You may cite an academic textbook if it provides a good summary of the topic, but the majority of items in the review should be journal articles.

Also, ACADEMIC PAPER REVIEW For the final submission of this module. You are asked to review and evaluate the study you have chosen as a basis for the design of your own research in the module.  With this in mind, you should carefully choose a study that adopts a suitable approach. Also describes it in enough detail for you to follow. The methods used and adapt them as necessary for your research.

In conclusion, the aim is to help you develop the knowledge required to design a practical plan. Type your work. References less than five years old. use peer reviewed articles.