ABC Beauty and Cosmetics marketing assessment

This is a paper that focuses on the ABC Beauty and Cosmetics marketing assessment. The paper also contains a template with key questions to answer about the company.

ABC Beauty and Cosmetics marketing assessment

International Marketing Assessment:
Over the past 15 years, ABC Beauty and Cosmetics Ltd has built a reputation in the UK as a key player in the beauty industry. Recently, it has received a number of unsolicited approaches from overseas and, after undertaking marketing research, is seriously thinking about expanding into international markets.
Identify at least one potential international market outside of Europe for this company and, drawing on published data and information about this market, critically analyse the key issues that the board needs to consider in order to increase the probability of achieving successful entry to this market.

Potential Template:

1.       Introduction:
Firstly, what is International Marketing?
Why might a company want to move into international markets?
(i.e. types of motives, triggers)
The complexity of some international markets – a brief/introductory overview of some key barriers and challenges that may exist for companies in international markets?

2.       Secondly, a very brief overview of ABC Cosmetics

3.       Thirdly, a discussion about potential international markets for ABC and a rationale as to why your chosen market should be attractive to ABC. You will need to research this market and potentially other markets to make a reasoned decision. Use real data when describing your chosen market to justify your choice.

4.       Fourthly, the issues that ABC will need to consider in relation to your chosen target market.

i.e Explain the key points of some or all of the issues below and discuss them in terms of your  chosen market. For example- if the market is China, may there be any key issues relating to the Political/Legal/ Economic /Socio-cultural situation in that country and the differences between the market and the UK? How may these affect ABC? What will they have to do to overcome these issues?

ABC Beauty and Cosmetics marketing assessment

Political / Legal / Economic
Socio-cultural (including Hofstede’s model and Lee’s model)
Choice of International Market/s (including Market Attractiveness / Competitive Strengths Matrix)
Method of Market Entry
Marketing Mix (4Ps  – Product / Price / Place/Promotion – and also Including decisions on Standardisation vs Adaptation)

5.       Conclusion

Don’t forget, your word count limit is 2,700 +10% = 2,970 words, so you will have to plan your work carefully. This is not a lot of words!

Also, try to ensure that you critically analyse the above issues rather than just describe them. Also, use examples wherever possible and if you can find journal articles that debate some of the issues and approaches taken by companies, then great!