A sustainability topic and its implications for businesses

This is a paper that is focusing on a sustainability topic and its implications for businesses. The paper also provides additional questions to focus in writing the assignment paper.

A sustainability topic and its implications for businesses

You are expected to investigate a sustainability related topic of your choice and write an essay about it and its implications for businesses.

This needs to be a research on a global issue (e.g. emission controls, deforestation, poverty, water shortage, biodiversity, inequality, forced displacement).
You are going to identify the key approaches, debates, concepts and principles of sustainability in relation to the global issue you are investigating.

With a critical perspective you will evaluate implications of this global issue for businesses. In doing so you will take into consideration different value systems, different stakeholder groups and backdrop commitments to politics
and economics. You need to use proper academic sources to support your work.

Your work needs to comprise:
A title in relation to a global issue you investigate

A sustainability topic and its implications for businesses

The topics can be:
poverty, ocean acidification, global warming, waste, deforestation, biodiversity, inequality, shortages of major resources like water and agricultural land, among others…

Please have a title page where you indicate your student number, title of your work followed by the table of contents and 6 keywords

Up to 6 keywords related to your essay

Please write 6 keywords in relation to your topic at the bottom of the title page

Description of the global sustainability issue you will investigate (approx.800 words)

Please describe the global sustainability issue you have chosen. You may want to provide replies for the following questions:
Firstly, what is it?
Secondly, what is causing it?
Thirdly, what are the major consequences?


Firstly, identification of major debates, value systems, and stakeholders in relation to this global issue (approx.1200 words)
Secondly, please identify major debates/value systems regarding the sustainability issue you investigate. You may refer to the table in the power point presentation of the Session 1 (Competing world views on sustainability and their basic principles and
priorities- LeBlanc and Roehrl (2012:19), based on Costanza et al., 2012). Which of these perspectives dominate the actions in your topic? Are there other perspectives?
Thirdly, what are the main debates? Be sure of covering all the major perspectives (including opposing ones) and debates on your topic. You need to be critical and question each perspective and position in your review of existing academic work and
evaluation of salient perspectives and issues. Critical review of relevant authors, rival perspectives, major debates and also methodologies is needed.

Fourthly, please identify the major stakeholders such as the state, community, NGOs, other pressure groups, international organisations, businesses, regulatory institutions, etc. (reflection of perspectives of key players/stakeholders as well as their values,
political and economic commitments).

Also, critical analysis of the implications on the business (approx.. 1200 words)

Additionally, what is the potential impact of this global sustainability issue on businesses and industries?  Please present all the major perspectives in relation to the implications on the businesses.
Here are some useful questions to answer in this section:
What are the potential risks and threats?
What are the opportunities? Creation of a new sustainability index? A new regulation?  A new reporting system? New processes? New initiatives such as Fair Trade?
Any innovation of businesses in dealing with this global sustainability issue?