A significant movement or person during the Revolutionary America

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to discuss a significant movement or person during the Revolutionary America. The paper also provides additional subjects to use in the writing of the assignment paper well.

A significant movement or person during the Revolutionary America

You will thoughtfully evaluate, assess and give a personal reflection on a topic you choose from any of the subjects listed below that we’ve studied.  (or a topic of your choice with prior Instructor approval).

English Colonial settlements
Revolutionary America
The U.S. Constitution
The New Republic
Jeffersonian America
Reform Movements
Westward Expansion
The Civil War
A significant movement or person during the above time frames

A significant movement or person during the Revolutionary America

Your paper will include the following:

Firstly, a description of the subject (What or Who is it?).
Secondly, the historical era/context of the subject (What was going on?).
Thirdly, the historical significance and impact of the subject. (why was it important?)
Fourthly, your personal reflection on your subject and what you learned from your study.
INCORPORATE EVIDENCE gained from your learning materials (ex., reading, lecture, textbook visuals) as needed to support your evaluation of your Topic.
USE HISTORICAL EXAMPLES to AUTHENTICATE YOUR EVALUATION and support your conclusions.  Please do not make unsupported statements. For example:  The West was a really unusual time in our history.   Really,…Why?
INTEGRATE a VISUAL IMAGE that develops and illustrates your evaluation of the Topic
VERIFY that grammar, spelling and sentence structure are correct.  Review, proofread and edit your paper as needed prior to submitting it.

Remember, ensure  that the pages are exclusive of the cover and the reference pages. Also, ensure that you include all the references you use in finding research for this assignment paper. References should be at least three for the paper. All references, citation, and writing should follow the APA formatting and styling guidelines.

Ensure that you follow the instructions provided keenly. Marking of the assignment is on how you do the task and how you submit the assignment too. In case of any question feel free to ask your instructor for more guidelines before doing the assignment.