a short case article for you to read.

I’m working on a Engineering exercise and need support.

This is a short case study article for you to read. You need to analyze this article and find the value and non-value elements this small manufacturer must have stumbled upon and how they began to adjust to continue business. You need to write a page or two (using Microsoft Word or another text editor that will open. File Extensions of .ODT do not open) doing these things:

1. Quickly summarize what the company is and does.

2. Explain what the dilemma is the company is trying to accomplish.

3. Talk about what you might imagine the company is facing when you look at Value versus Non-Value added elements in their small business.

4. What did they eventually end up doing? (You may need to venture out to the web and look at their website and other documents you may find. You have to be the investigator).