A Research Report of an Essay on Why Christopher Columbus is a villain

Description The bibliography is not needed since it has been completed, but you will need it to help with the research report. Why Christopher Columbus Is a villain essay of a MINIMUM of five pages  Please include an outline for the research report. – Footnotes (or endnotes) are required. There should be at least one footnote for each body paragraph. At least three of the five sources from the bibliography must be used for the footnotes. Only one source may be an encyclopedia – The report essay must be a minimum of five full pages typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman (or another similar font), with 1-inch margins. – The outline, footnotes or endnotes, and the bibliography must be in addition to the five-page report. The essay report may be six pages, but no more. -Be sure not to copy from the internet. I WILL BE CHECKING FOR ANY PLAGIARISM