A reflection paper that is double spaced and should be between two full pages to three pages in length.

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You are required to volunteer in your community. You are a volunteer helping your community clean up the streets. You spend the day helping old people clean the streets. To clear trash from garbage bins and transport to waste treatment plants; Pick up cigarette butts on the street. Usually people are required to collect 200 cigarette butts per day and a dime for a cigarette butt. You will be fined if you didn’t collect 200 cigarette butts a day. You’re a volunteer today so everything for you is free. While you were helping them out, you found a traffic jam caused by a power outage that stopped the traffic lights, so you helped direct the traffic. Write a reflection paper addressing the following questions: 1. What was the motivation for volunteering with your selected organization? 2. How did this opportunity contribute to the local communities’ wellbeing? 3. Whose interest was served? 4. How did the organization benefit from your participation, and what did you gain from the experience? 5. What did you personally learn through the experience? 6. What did you personally achieve through the community volunteer project?