A paper about stress

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Paper Topic: Reducing Your Stress

Number of Pages: 5

In this paper, you are asked to put what you have learned to good, practical use. For this paper, you should target some specific experience/event that happened, or may happen to you, that may cause stress in your life and how it affects you. Then discuss how you would cope with this stress and identify ways to reduce the stress you (may) feel. Apply two or more of the coping strategies from the textbook and/or lecture and the reasons why they could help you.

You might, for example, strive to appraise the situation differently, or exercise, or talk to a friend, or use other methods mentioned in the lecture and textbook.

You should write a short paper (5 pages) in which you describe a stressful experience/event and explain how stress affects your mind and body, and then explain two or more ways in which you would cope with the stress to reduce it. Specifically, you should describe:

(a) the experience/event that may cause stress for you and how stress affects your mind and body [3%],

(b) at least two of the stress-reduction principle(s), strategy(ies), and/or technique(s) you would use, including the reasons why the could help you (APA in-text citations required of the class textbook, and any additional sources you may use) (Be detailed!) [4%], and

(c) what results you expect from applying the coping strategies [2%].

[Clarity of your writing is worth 1%.]