A page of reading response—-History of Design

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Each week I will post a question on Canvas related to the weekly readings and class topic. The question should be responded to after doing your weekly readings and is seen as a short exercise to get you writing and thinking critically about the texts. For guidance, you should only take between 15-20 minutes to respond and I expect the response length to be 3-5 paragraphs. I am looking for responses that specifically cite the assigned texts. Your response will be graded with a √, √-, or √+.

Question: What kind of design elements did Art Deco designers use? How did it exemplify Modernity or a modern spirit? Please reference at least one reading and use an example to explain your argument?


• David Raizman, “Introduction to Part IV,” Chapter 8: “Paris and Art Moderne Before and After World War I,” in History of Modern Design: 158-160; 161-173.

• Victoria Rose Pass, “The Mangbetu Coiffure: A Story of Cars, Hats, Branding and Appropriation,” in Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler, Victoria Rose Pass, and Christopher S. Wilson, eds., Design History Beyond the Canon (London: Bloomsbury, 2019), 145-170.

• Ghislaine Wood, “The Exotic,” in Art Deco, 1910-1930, Charlotte Benton,Tim Benton, and Ghislaine Wood, eds. (London: V&A, 2003), 124-137.