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1. Watch video and thoroughly describe and analyze everything that you learn here. What most intrigues or surprises you about the case, and about the National Park Service ranger’s explanations of the Old Courthouse and of the Scott family’s suit? How did the Dred Scott case manage to wind its way through the Missouri courts to the Missouri Supreme Court, then all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court?

2. …And now, in a series of three short back-to-back videos, let me take you more deeply into that unheralded location, where a Missouri resident lived who, though nearly forgotten to history, was, in reality, no small player in the legal history of the state and nation.

What does the general, though not entire, lack of attention to the site and to Lizzie’s post Dred Scott case history tell us about the complexity, and challenges, of accurately recalling the intertwined history of state and nation?