9 problems on python.

I need support with this Python question so I can learn better.

Read through the scenario below, then open the jupyter notebook you uploaded and you will find instructions in the comments throughout the file.

Python + Mysql + Excel

Save this file as you edit, ensuring you do not lose any work.

When you are finished, rename your .ipynb file, create a zip with:

  • Your .ipynb solution file
  • Chad’s “spreadsheet”
  • Your spreadsheet

Submit this zip file of your entire project here on Canvas.


Things keep moving along well with your role at Northwind Traders. Now they are asking you to start incorporating Data Scientist tasks into your workflows.

Think about all of the times you’ve seen or heard about companies struggling with redundant data. As you’ve heard several times before, one of the most important first steps in any analytics project is grabbing your data, sometimes from various sources, and cleaning it up or combining it so that it is ready to go. Turns out, Northwind is no different.

Northwind has just entered into an agreement with their suppliers where they have committed to helping drive traffic to their supplier’s own sites so they can upsell customers on warrantees and support, as well as market complementary products to their customers. In trade, Northwind’s suppliers have agreed to sell their products through Northwind exclusively for the next five years.

Remember Chad? Well, he is currently hiding from a pack of furious DBAs. He was given the task of updating all of the suppliers’ website URLs so that work can begin on the new project to direct traffic to their various sites.

Chad messed up. Instead of updating the database with new homepages for each suppler, he just created a spreadsheet of supplier names and their URLs. Thanks, Chad.

So now we have an Excel Workbook with supplier names and URLs and a MySQL database with a table of Suppliers that has far more info about each supplier, but has outdated info on each of their websites. This is where you come in.

Your first job here is to get a report of all of the supplier IDs, company names, contact names, contact phone numbers, and up-to-date URL information. This is going to require us to grab data from the MySQL database as well as reference Chad’s super-helpful spreadsheet. Once you’ve combined the data correctly from our sources, we can share it back out in the form of a new Excel Workbook.