8 paragraph essay

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For this 8-paragraph essay, you will find an online political chat group. Copy and paste the chat group into an appendix on the back of your essay. YOUR PAPER WILL NOT BE GRADED IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT THE ONLINE DISCUSSION YOU’VE ANALYZED. Next, you will analyze the chat group discussion using three of the analytic features of deliberative conversation and discussion and three of the social process features (found in Fig. 2.1).

In your analysis, you will evaluate how well the conversation meets each of the six criteria using detailed examples from the online discussion. Please cite and quote your textbook (in APA) when explaining all six of your criteria for deliberative conversation. An APA cheat sheet can be found in the appendix of your syllabus.

In your essay, please evaluate each of these criteria, supporting each criterion with at least one definition from your textbook (with citations from your textbook for each definition) and at least two detailed examples to support your rating. Please use APA to cite your sources.

  • First, in your introductory paragraph, you need to begin with a sentence that draws your readers in and catches their attention (and is, of course, relevant to your essay).
  • In the next 1 – 3 sentences, you will describe the online political chat group you selected. You should include the name of the chat group, the political issue that was being discussed, the different perspectives on the issue that were presented, and how many people were involved in the chat.
  • In your final sentence(s), give your thesis statement/preview of main points. See the introductory paragraph checklist for an example of this sentence that you are welcome to use in your own essay if it is helpful.