6 questions about Celebration Hospital

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Please read about the system, and answer the questions.

https://www.adventhealth.com (Links to an external site.)

https://www.adventhealth.com/hospital/adventhealth-celebration (Links to an external site.)

Use Lower tabs and select “Who We Are”, then “Mission” Review the information on Advent Health and their Advent Health Values. Please look at CREATION Life (Health) to see their spiritual and wellness guiding principles (*Advent is a large faith based health care system, there is no intent to endorse religion with this assignment)

Q1. Of the 8 values, please select one, list it and describe why you feel this is an important principle and important statement about Celebration/Advent’s mission.

Q2. Select “Research & Innovation” is a tab for the “Nicholson Center”. Please comment on this care philosophy and describe the living laboratory. And what features does this center have for the patient experience and surgical experience? What would health care consumer like about this information? Is it important to inform consumers about these areas? Are they “innovative” to you?

Also please review one other research or program under “Research and Innovation”, list it and describe what it covers/offers.

https://www.adventhealth.com/hospital/adventhealth-celebration (Links to an external site.)

or select Advent Health Celebration, FL under locations

Q3. Review “Medical Services” and please comment on the types of services offered by this hospital. Does the website give you enough information to make an educated selection? Is it interesting? Would you select this hospital? If not, what additional information could have been provided?

Q4.Review the Pricelist feature and select “Price Estimator” There is no need to give your location. Read the details on why price transparency is offered for customers to learn service pricing. Next select FL and Celebration and “select no insurance”, select “radiology” and “CT Abdomen 74150 and obtain price. What is the price? Next select Daytona Beach FL and do same search with no insurance and then try KY Advent Health site. What prices to you find? (feel free to select others) Why might the charge differ? And was the ability to estimate your cost helpful?

Q5. Click on “Video Visits” and review information on how to schedule, prepare and what to expect. There is also information on the AdventHealth App in this area. How prepared is AdventHealth for care to given everywhere? Please describe what is needed to book and experience a video visit? Who do you think may opt for a video visit and why?

Q6. After reviewing this website for AdventHealth Celebration Hospital, do you feel you have enough consumer information to make a decision to choose services here? What is lacking? What did you like on the website about the hospital as a consumer?