500 words reading response the course is Intro to Indigenous Governance

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Text “Aboriginal Self-Government In Canada: Reconciling Solitudes: A Critical Analysis of the Self-Government Ideal.” pp. 1-19 Newhouse & Belanger state.

– Video: Yale Belanger (Historical Stages of the relationship between Indigenous people of Canada and settlers).

Belanger and Newhouse state “The central question surrounding Aboriginal self-government is no longer why but how” (p.16). Consider what this statement mean in relation to the reports developed and political negotiations that took place during the time period from 1960 through 1996?

Note In your response of the above question consider the following:

A. What role does “relationship development” between the Federal Government and Indigenous communities mean in pursuing Self-Governance?
B. What are some other significant issue identified in this reading and video that may impact the successful negotiation of Self-Governance?