50 question multiple choice test due September 30th by 8:00pm eastern standard time.

I’m studying and need help with a Psychology question to help me learn.

This is a 50 question multiple choice test in psychology. The psychology course is based off memory. In regards to this test you will have 90 minutes to complete it and once you start the test you can not stop. you are able to open other internet browsers for help and nothing will happen you can’t just close out of the test itself. This test has a 12 hour window and is open from 8:00AM eastern standard time and will closed 8:00PM eastern standard time. you can take the test at any point throughout that time frame but once you begin test the 90 minute timer is running. This test is on Wednesday September 30th. I am posting now to lock in a tutor and provide resources for help such as lecture notes, zoom recordings etc. I will provide log in information and steps to access the test upon receiving a tutor.