5 Paragraph Essay

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The first draft is about imagining and inventing, generating ideas, recording the raw first moments of your writing process.

1. I encourage you to find a subject you are passionate about or interested in exploring. I ask you to choose a basic rhetorical device as a means to contain or help you channel the writing of your first draft. See readings (assigned for this week), which explain how arguments generate inquiry. What sparks your curiosity? What do you want to know? There are a few methods you can rely upon to begin:

a. Establish a MAP for your first piece with a message, a purpose, and a possible intended audience.
Refer to assigned/studied material from our meetings and assignments, and review class notes on Composing and Planning, Brainstorming. In fact, reviewing all readings, discussions, and lectures should help you find or trigger an original idea.
b. You may be clear about the Genre you’ve selected or are interested in writing. Know that knowing your genre allows determining complexity, length, tone, and levels of formality.
c. Duke Thompson University, Writing Program lists various types of genre witting and provides
basic conventions and rules for each type of genre writing. Browse this site to help you generate. For example, you could write a film review (for another movie other than A Few Good Men), or begin writing a descriptive essay on a topic of your interest that could later become the topic for a research paper.
ideas. http://twp.duke.edu/writing-studio/resources/genres-of-writing (Links to an external site.)
d. If you decide to write a piece in creative non-fiction (such as personal narrative/personal essay/
the autobiographical event…from your Timeline Focus) or a creative piece (a poem, a song…) try your best to establish MAP first.

1. Try to apply Aristotle’s Appeals using emotional language or pathos, reasoning or logos, and
attempt to infuse this writing with ethos. It is important that your peer editors read a persuasive
first piece so they can better help you edit it. Writing something just to fulfill the assignment isn’t
2. There is no specific or required length for your first draft, as this depends on the type of genre you choose. Although this writing assignment mainly aims to plant the first seeds of the invention of your topic, it will be likely, however, that it also enables you to envision its possible growth… This could hint purpose and grant focus.
3. Although this is the first step of your writing process, I expect that you demonstrate your effort,
eagerness, engagement, and determination to do your best. Be original, allow your creativity to guide you, and avoid being meticulous. However, mind your audience, be respectful of your peer editors, and try to write with clarity. Applying any of the rhetorical devices as above-mentioned should help you generate a piece of at least 2 pages (not including the author’s note – you are the author of your draft), regardless of your chosen genre.

4. Your draft must be formatted applying MLA (see image below)Your Entire draft typed with Times New Roman font – 12 pts. * Double-spaced. * Insert page numbers (top-right). no less than 2 pages, 3 +
Drafts of essays should be created on Google Docs or Word documents. I will not accept documents created on .pages

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