5 page paper on chasing the dragon video

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Watch the video Chasing the Dragon

Answer the following questions: What did the opitate-addicted individuals in the film have in common prior to becoming addicted? What were ways the people in the film got hooked on opiates? What influence did friends have on the interviewees’ use of drugs? What did you learn about how fast someone can become addicted? How did the people in the film describe their daily routine once opiate addiction set in? How did people in the film describe opiate withdrawals? What were some of the health consequences of opiate abuse discussed by the persons in the film? After watching the video, why do you think the FBI and DEA are putting this film out to high school students specifically?

Support your answer with peer-reviewed journal articles and the textbook only. Must have at least 3 references and be at least 5 or more pages length. The paper must be type written, doubled space, Times New Roman 12 font, and in APA format. View the Grading Rubrics in the Course Information Syllabus section for grading standards.