3HS procurement process accellaration assignment

This is a paper that is focusing on the 3HS procurement process accellaration assignment. The paper also provides some additional questions to focus on while writing the paper.

3HS procurement process accellaration assignment

1. Firstly, the 3HS procurement process is accelerating, but the workgroup would like a follow up of your briefings in Week 4 regarding interoperability and Week 5 regarding integration. Briefly describe UMLS, what standards it supports, and how it can help address interoperability.

2. Secondly, 3HS wants to better understand the major concepts surrounding privacy and security. You have explained HIPAA previously, however the Chief Information Security Officer has been promoting the three tenants of security: protecting Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. The vice president for nursing has asked for your assistance in describing what each of these means for clinical staff in relation to security and explain how HIPAA addresses these three areas.

3. Thirdly, employees and associates of 3HS are facing increasing difficulty in accessing systems. Passwords are becoming more complex, are changed more often, cannot be reused, and also the help desk is overwhelmed with password reset requests. How might 3HS balance security and access in information security?

4. Fourthly, one way of visualizing workflow is with a process map. Please map, using PowerPoint with standardized notation models like UML, BPMN, flow chart, functional flow block diagram, IDEF, or control flow diagram, a very simple example of health business process that has or could be reengineered. No more than ONE slide please. Additionally, include in the Notes section a description of the reengineering.

5. The earliest roots of HIT included envisioning it as a decision support system (DSS). Describe the current state of one of the following as a DSS:

a. Watson Health
b. Telemedicine
c. Precision Medicine

3HS procurement process accellaration assignment

6. The implementation of the new Certified EHR at 3HS has not been going as well as planned. It is running over budget and also is not providing all the features expected. The Chief Operating Officer complained that the project management approach lacked discipline in managing cost, schedule, and scope.
Specifically, the implementation team should have applied PMBOK. The CEO is now asking you about PMBOK. Define Project Management and describe the key concepts, standards, and guides that PMBOK recommends.

7. These two Fred Friendly seminars, although somewhat dated, offer vivid and also still valid insights into the challenges presented by rapidly changing technology.

Who Gets to Know? Genetics and Privacy—A Fred Friendly Seminar (57:42) http://digital.films.com/play/LNWHCX
Making Better Babies: Genetics and Reproduction—A Fred Friendly Seminar (57:42) http://digital.films.com/play/KDACPZ
How can we stay abreast of such developments?

8. Additionally, what component of the Federal Health IT Strategic can best help 3HS and how? Please explain in approximately 250 words