350 words as a main post ull APA with reference and citations must pls no plagarism-VG

I’m working on a Engineering exercise and need support.

In Discussion Forum 6, post your response to the following discussion topic. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses and shares informative URLs by the date indicated in the Course Calendar. All students are encouraged to clearly write their opinion over the Week 6 Discussion #6.

Part I:

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Provide the title and abstraction of your term paper (note: you may change the wording in the official title in the final version however, you cannot change the topic once you select one). Include an introduction on the topic and a minimum of 3-5 references in proper APA format.

Part II.

Review and respond to at least two other students on topics that you might find interesting. Let the student know you find his/her topic an excellent choice. Also provide constructive critique if you find another student’s topic is too broad or off-scope.