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Beverage service is an integral component of any service operation. Remember that beverage also covers coffee and tea as well as wines, spirits, cocktails, juices and sodas.

Professional beverage service requires years of experience, training and knowledge practice but opens up a wonderful opportunity for you to meet people from different cultures, countries and backgrounds.

This discussion will generate evidence of effective communication, demonstrating creativity, strategic and critical thinking. The assignment focuses on your discussion and explanation of how various food service outlets operate in the current challenging beverage service environment.

What factors would a beverage manager consider when determining the type of hardware and software that best suits their operating environment during a service?

  • You may want to consider type and style of service first
  • Consider staff and their experience
  • The fundamental wine styles and service
  • The sequence of service for non alcoholic beverages (tea , coffee, juices and sodas)
  • The use of technology for all beverages
  • Would these considerations increasing your beverage sales?


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