3-3.5 pages The Literature of Slavery Critical Close Question

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The Literature of Slavery Critical Close Question

David Walker asserted that whites had divorced blacks from the human family. Develop a composition that shows how this idea is explicated in the writings of Jacobs, Douglass, and Northup. Be sure to reference each writer and use information (quotations) from all the texts to support each assertion.

Students must compose an analytical essay that thoroughly answers the established writing objective. The Critical Close Reading must contain a thesis, at least two main points, and adequate support for each main point. Furthermore, the composition must have a minimum of one (1) scholarly source and a maximum of three. The scholarly article requirement does not include documentation from the primary sources (texts you are analyzing).

Between 3-3.5 pages please 🙂 + must include both in-text citations and a Works Cited page

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