2021 Strategic Recommendations company Report

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to focus 2021 Strategic Recommendations company Report. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description:

2021 Strategic Recommendations company Report

2021 Strategic Recommendations Report

At the beginning of class, I asked you to choose a Global 2000 company and enter your selection in the CLASS WIKI. These companies will you want to pick for your class project. PLEASE CHECK TO SEE THAT NOBODY HAS CHOSEN THIS COMPANY ALREADY. If I see duplicates, I will know who entered their choice first and will remove the choice from and also subsequent requestors. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE GLOBAL 2000 FIRM YOU CHOOSE MUST REPORT ITS FINANCES IN ENGLISH ON A QUARTERLY AND ALSO ANNUAL BASIS USING GAAP OR ACCEPTED NON-GAAP REPORTING STANDARDS.

1.       Firstly, choose your Global 2000 company. Find and also download the company’s most recent Annual Report.

2.       Secondly, prepare your 2021 Strategic Alignment Recommendations Report, with the following sections clearly identified with section headers:
a.       Industry Overview Narrative. This is a 100- to 150-word overview of the industry that your company operates in. IBISWorld has a great overview of the industry research process. Your narrative should include:
i.      The 6-digit NAICS Code for the industry.
ii.      A description (and history if possible) of the industry your company operates in.
iii.      Thirdly, a list of the company’s top 5 direct competitors.

b.       Company Overview Narrative. This 100- to 200-word overview should introduce us to your company. A great place to find this is the company’s “About” page or even better, the “boilerplate” (last section) of a recent press release. You are welcome to use copy written by the company, but please rewrite it as needed to be in “third person” voice and neutral in tone (removing all superlatives and other biased or subjective language). It should sound as if it is written by a neutral, objective journalist (not a marketer).

2021 Strategic Recommendations company Report

Your narrative should include:
i.      A (brief) history of the company. This should include when it was founded and by whom, how much funding it has received and from which sources (if this information is available — crunchbase is a good source), whether it is private or public, and when it went public.
ii.      A succinct description of the company today, including the location of its headquarters, countries/states it has offices in, total revenue (sales/”turnover”), number of employees (if available), and also current key products/ services/offerings.
Recent news about the company. Focus more on press coverage about the company than on press releases — what are the 1-3 biggest topics reporters are writing about when it comes to this company?