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Read “The Right to Self Defense – Hitler” and analyze it for rhetorical effectiveness. His Main Claim is that Germany has a right to defend itself against France, and that the German people should resist France’s economic oppression. What are his Reasonings? What Rhetorical Strategies make up those Reasonings, and most importantly, are those Rhetorical Strategies actually Rhetorical Fallacies? If they are, what makes them Fallacies? If they are not, what makes them Strategies? Is his argument one that should be listened to, logically? If you like, you can look up context to see what was going on around the time of writing Mein Kampf, but it’s not entirely necessary.

Avoid telling me that Hitler is using Fallacies because he’s wrong, or because you disagree with him. Also, avoid arguing against him. We all know that Hitler was terrible, and that he advocated for terrible things, but if you find his argument logically ineffective, tell me WHY it is logically ineffective.

The “Fallacies Worksheet” and the “Rhetorical Fallacies” list may prove very useful to you in this endeavor.