2 PAGE Rough Draft Rhetorical Analysis- ARTICLE & TEMPLATE INCLUDED

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Rough draft so it doesnt have to be perfect.

Use this template to write/format your Rhetorical Analysis. The template provides a title page and headings to help you organize your paper. Under the headings, you will find a description of the paragraphs and content that should go underneath the headings. Delete the information written in red and place your paragraphs under the appropriate headings.


A rhetorical analysis evaluates the rhetorical strategies and effectiveness of an argument.

For this assignment, choose one of the sources that you have found as you have researched your topic.This should be a source that is actually making an argument.For that source, write a rhetorical analysis.

In this paper, you should be quoting and citing the text.I suggest at least 2 quotes per paragraph, but no more than 3 quotes per paragraph.You want the majority of the paragraph to be your own ideas, and the quotes should be there to support you.Avoid using long quotes.

Remember that when you quote a source, you should never just drop the quote into the text.You should always introduce the quote by telling where the quote came from or putting it into context.Then give the quote and in-text citation.Finally, explain how that quote speaks to the point that you’re trying to make.For more information on how to correctly incorporate quotes into your paper, refer to your textbook or to the OWL Purdue website.Keep in mind that some of these examples use MLA format instead of APA, so when you actually quote and cite for your paper, make sure to use APA.

The analysis should include the following parts:

  • Introduction to the topic itself (larger conversation)
  1. Summary of the article and discussion of context (who is the author, who is the audience? What is the main claim? What is the medium/genre?)
  2. Analysis of Ethos
  3. Analysis of Pathos
  4. Analysis of Logos
  5. Conclusion and Overall evaluation of the article’s effectiveness (Does the article clearly support its claim?Does the author provide enough evidence?Does the author use appropriate tone?Were there any questions left unanswered?)

Also, remember that your paper should:

  • Be 2-5 pages
  • Be typed, double spaced
  • Be 12 font, Times New Roman
  • Use correct APA format
  • Include a title page and a reference page in APA format (no abstract is needed)
  • Be written in THIRD PERSON