2 diffrent pro (supporting) essays for the same (pdf )file 250-300 words

I don’t know how to handle this Law question and need guidance.

Guidelines for writing a Short Paper: Take a position on the issue. We will write the Pro

(support) for all odd numbered Short papers and Con (against) for all even numbered Short

Papers. Please keep Short Papers concise and easy to read.

Prepare a Short Paper with the following components:

• A summary of the policy issue and/or legislation that needs to be changed, and while others should see this as a priority as well, including the intended outcomes/goals.

• The current status of the policy issue in the legislative and/or administrative process (law with correct statute #, or bill with correct bill#).

• The change that is sought, and the measurable desired outcome of such change. (How will you know if the change was successful? How will others know?)