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Themes and Quotes: Each week you are encouraged to prepare themes and quote from every source, up to eight different primary and secondary sources (you are encouraged to take multiple themes and quotes from each source). Each quote must illustrate a particular theme or argument put forward in that primary or secondary source. Themes and quotes must come from the readings for that particular seminar. First, good themes and quotes often respond to questions in the Seminar Outline. Second, they will help you read sources critically and strategically for argument and evidence–– as opposed to trying to assimilate every word (which is not required). Third, themes and quotes provide you a basis for seminar discussion. Fourth and finally, well-chosen themes and quotes, properly cited, can and should provide evidence for your short papers and potentially your independent research papers

Guidelines for Reflective Reading assignments: Using the Themes and Quotes developed while reading, as well as primary and secondary sources (cite as appropriate), write 350-500 words about what you have learned, and how this new-found knowledge fits within what you already know and your lived experiences. Reflective writing is a way of processing your practice-based experience to produce learning. Have the readings changed your opinions, preconceptions, viewpoint? How might the strategies and processes described in the readings assist you to further the cause you care about?