14 principles of management on Bureaucratic Management

This is a paper that is focusing on the 14 principles of management on Bureaucratic Management. The paper also provides additional questions to focus on while writing the paper assignment.

14 principles of management on Bureaucratic Management

14 Principles of Management
Bureaucratic Management
should be ones that are going to support your analysis of the case in the following sections. This section provides background to your discussion.

2. Secondly, what are the main facts of the case? Include an organisational structure chart to illustrate. Include the salient points that will provide evidence for your argument. Do not merely rewrite paragraphs from the case, i.e. one fact may be support by a few pieces of evidence.

3. What are the main management or leadership problems that you have identified within this case? HINT: Think about the topics you have covered so far in this subject. Make sure you explain the context of the difficulties. You do not need to cover every issue. Pick a few main ones that you can critically analyse well within the required word limit.  I am looking for a cohesive report where all the sections flow together to make a logical argument.

4. Reflect on the relevant theories that you could use to explain the management and/or leadership problems. Show how they could be applied to your critical analysis of the case.

5. Is there a possibility to resolve these management and/or leadership problems? If so, what recommendations can you make (based on theories above) to ensure your solution is achievable and/or sustainable?
Provide your critical analysis in report format. Use appropriate subheadings, number the pages, line spacing 1.5 or double (preferred), font Times New Roman – size 12, and include a reference list (alphabetic order by author surname) with appropriate in-text citations. You should use at least five (5) quality sources of information to support your ideas e.g. journal articles. The Business School at COLAB requires you to use Harvard style format. A sample report format is included in the Assessment folder on the HELP site including a sample reference in Harvard. A report is usually accompanied by a letter of transmittal – you do not need to include one here.