1234 Greek and Roman Topic

I need help with a Art & Design question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

You will choose one topic from the list below and write a three to five paragraph summary. You will need to do some research. Add a photo if you would like. These are all pretty interesting so find something that interests you. If you are quoting from some source somewhere, make sure to include a “Sources Cited” page or something to that effect.

1. What was the City Dionysia?

2. What is a satyr play?

3. Why did so few scripts of Greek tragedies survive?

4. Summarize a play from Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, or Menander.

5. What is catharsis?

6. Are The Poetics still valid as a means to analyze a play or film? Explain your answer.

7. What is significant about the theatre at Epidaurus? How does it achieve this phenomenon?

8. What does the phrase “Deus ex machina” mean when applied to storytelling, in general?

9. How many Roman “Ludi” were there and what did some of them they celebrate?

10. How is it that Colosseum survived while the Circus Maximus did not?

11. Summarize The Menaechmi and tell me of another adaptation of that plays’ plot.

12. Why was Constantine’s adoption of Christianity so important to the history of Rome?

13. What are the Roman Catholic Sacraments? Why was the denial of these sacraments such a powerful deterrent during the Roman Empire?

14. What was the Council of Carthage?