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Dweck (1986, as cited in Han, Farrugua & Moss, 2017) points out that “motivated learners have a greater chance to achieve positive performance outcomes” (p.1121). However, it is unlikely that high levels of academic motivation alone ensure that students achieve academic success.

Essay Question

To what extent is ‘motivation’ important in developing a university student’s academic mindset? What other factors play key roles? Discuss.

Required Reading

Han, C.W., Farrugia, S.P., & Moss, T.P. (2017). Effects of academic mindsets on college students’ achievement and retention. Journal of College Student Development, 58(8), 1119-1134. https://muse.jhu.edu/journal/238


What you are required to do:

● Use a total of FIVE (5) academic sources, including the required reading. No additional sources need to be used as the aim is to select and use five (5) good quality sources only.

● Show your knowledge of the topic area as it is discussed in the literature.

● Write in academic essay style (including paraphrases, quotations, citations, correctly written paragraphs, appropriate introduction and conclusion and a clear argument, and a reference list). Headings are NOT required in this essay.

● Present your essay using one consistent referencing style according to your program of study – APA 7th,Harvard or Chicago. Indicate on the front page of your essay which style you are using.

● Seek assistance and advice from your teacher and / or a Student Learning Advisor to help you achieve the best possible results.

What you cannot do:

● You CANNOT use Google Translate or Grammarly (or similar sites) on an extensive basis to improve your language and then claim that you are the author or use generalist Internet websites as sources of information for your essay (for example, Wikipedia or Baidu).

● You CANNOT plagiarise from sources.

● You CANNOT receive extensive assistance from another person and claim that you are the author.

● You are advised NOT to focus on advantages and disadvantages in relation to the topic.

You are also NOT required to provide solutions or recommendations for the topic in your conclusion.