12 hour shifts vs 8 hr shifts


Hello this is the third and last part of a research paper I have in process. I’ve attached the first two parts so you can try to tie it together. Research Project Draft Part 3: Literature Review, Research Question, Design and Conclusion Literature Review This literature review provides an in-depth analysis of recently published research findings relevant to the topic selected. Primary and secondary sources are cited in a well-integrated discussion of the topic. A synthesis and integration of pertinent information is expected. Approximately five to six pages are appropriate. You will need between 10-15 citations and reference page following the review. APA format is required. Research Question: State your research question here. Make sure that you have all of the components needed to create a good question. Research Design: (Quantitative Study): This section of the proposal should include the research design and why it was chosen. Then you should discuss the subcategory you are using. Example a quantitative correctional design or a quantitative descriptive design. Restate your research question again at the end. (2 paragraphs- one page). (Qualitative Study): This section of the proposal should include the design of the study and why it was chosen and then restate your overarching research question. (2 paragraphs- one page).