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11 Discussion

Why are Google, Apple, Tesla, Fitbit, Dyson, and Intel considered innovative? Be sure to specifically address each one. How did branding play a role in that perception? For which brands do you think it played the biggest role? Be sure to explain. What other brands would you nominate as most innovative today? Why? What role did branding play in your judgment for those brands?

13 Discussion

Think of some transformational new businesses (at least 2 businesses) such as Starbucks, Blue Apron, or Amazon (please note that these are only examples–you may choose these or other businesses that you see as transformational). Please use different businesses from those used for other discussion questions and cases. Answer the following questions for each business you select:

  1. How was each business different from what came before? What was similar to what came before? Scale them in terms of “newness” from truly transformational (5) to substantial (1). Explain your rationale.
  2. Was there an innovator advantage? Explain your answer. If there was an innovator advantage, how long did it last?
  3. Where did the idea for the business come from? If you can’t find this information, speculate.