1.5-2 Pages discuss 4 sources and give example

I’m studying for my Political Science class and need an explanation.

Power is defined as the ability to influence another. What influences you? How do you influence others? Tell the story of power in your own life, using your own experience and the sources of power defined in the handout.

Please discuss at least 4 sources of power and use examples from your own life to help explain each source of power you discuss.

Use the following questions to guide your reflections about sources of power and the ways power is used, based on your own experience.

a. Sources of power in my life:

Who has power in your life? (What sources of power have you used in your life? What sources of power have you seen others use?) Give examples from your own experience for each source of power you discuss.

b. Ways Power is used: Power Over Others/Power with Others/Power within

For each example you’ve discussed, explain the way power was used in that particular circumstance. Have you used coercive power or experienced others using coercive power (power over others)? Have you used power cooperatively or experienced others using power cooperatively (sharing power with others)? Have you exercised power individually or seen others use power individually, to empower themselves (using power within)?